Monday, March 1, 2010

My First Blog Award - Thanks Yolie!

Yolie from over at JustYolie has really made my week by giving me my first blog award.  She also is so encouraging as she stops by my blog often and leaves me sweet comments on my posts!  She's precious and I really am thankful for her.

The rules of this award are to tell you 10 things that make me happy and then I am to pass it on to 5 more people:

1.  Jesus Christ, my Lord and Savior
2.  My hubby who does so much for our family
3.  My daughters who make me so very proud
4.  My mother who is my real hero
5.  The rest of my family who make life special
6.  Friends that love me for me
7.  All of those that call me Momma G
8. The wonderful people that volunteer with me and do so much for others
9.  Long weekends at home with no where to be except in the Lil Cabin
10. Beautiful, sunny days!

I am going to pass this award on to five blog friends. Make sure you check out their INSPIRING blogs!

Here they are:

1.  Paulo
2.  Kay
3.  Connie
4.  Shelly
5.  Kat