Saturday, January 1, 2011

Catching Up!

It's really hard to believe I haven't posted here since September!  Time really has passed quickly over the past few months.  It was late September when I really began working on finding a location for our local Christmas Bureau.  Once a location was secured, it was move in time, then we took applications for more than 2000 families, and then the distribution brought us up to Christmas Eve.  It was a hectic time and my blog had to take a backseat behind work and school. 

But, not all was work and no play for me - thank goodness!  I was able to spend time making mini albums for friends of mine.  Here's one of them that I made for a good friend that scrapbooks a lot!  I hope she enjoys adding photos of her family to it over the next few weeks. 

The idea for the album is a variation on one that Laura Denison did during one of her ustream classes.  I changed the binding and the direction of the album pages, but the design of the pages is all hers.  I also did different embellishments and other changes that you can see if you compare hers to mine.