Monday, February 15, 2010

Cards, Cards, Cards

I've never been much on making cards - I mean, what do the recipients really do with them once they've looked at them and the occasion has passed?  Do they keep them and realize the amount of time and love that went into the cards or do they just toss them aside to be forgotten?  I am not sure of that answer, but I do know that with these cards, I had a lot of fun making them.  Even if they do get tossed, it was worth the effort to let some of the special people in my life know how much I love them.

First up is the Valentine's Day card I made for my hubby.  Now, he probably wasn't too fond of the card - it doesn't have a tractor or a police car on it, but I hope he knew I still love him even after all these years.  It turned out very pretty - that's not a good term for a manly kind of card, but I am not sure how else to describe it.  And - if he thought it was too pretty - he didn't dare say it out loud.  Sweet, huh?

I also made cards for both of my girls.  I had to get the our oldest daughter's in the mail since she is away at college and it was a couple of seconds after I sealed the envelope and was putting it into the box of goodies I was sending her that the thought occurred to me!  I forgot to take a picture!!!  Oh well, she's the type that will keep the card until it gets lost in the clutter on her desk.  So maybe there's a chance you'll get to see that one.  It was one of Yolie's files - I Toadily Love You and was very appropriate as my oldest received a couple of pet toads for Christmas from her beau.  The toad was a svg file I found on another site, but for the moment, the addy has left me.  I'll edit the post when I remember where in the world it came from.

The card I made for our youngest daughter is definitely not the pretty type of card for a girl.  But, if you knew her and how much she loves our potbelly pig, Jillian, it has a whole new meaning. Even in church on Sundays, as I write notes in my journal, she reaches over to draw pictures of Jillian on my note pages.  So the card itself isn't pretty but it sure did make her smile. 

The final card I have to show you this evening is one I am making for a friend at work.  She's expecting her first child and all signs (okay - the ultrasound) says she's having a boy.  I made another tri-fold card for this one and it really is sweet.  I hope that she likes it - and maybe she'll hold on to it for a few days before it gets lost in the shuffle of putting things away in the nursery. 

I hope you enjoyed viewing the cards as much I enjoyed making them.  I have a few more baby shower cards for over the next few days, so maybe you'll get to see those too.  It seems like everyone is having babies these day!  Whew -- glad it's not me!! 

Thanks as always for stopping by the lil cabin in the woods.  It's been a pleasure sharing just a moment out of my day with you. May God's blessings shine upon your life and as the bumps in the road come upon you, look for the lessons that He may be trying to teach you, one step at a time.


  1. Cute cards!! I really like the pig one! LOL

  2. Hi Gloria! Stopping to tell you I have left a gift for you on my blog.

  3. Yolie, Your cards are Beautiful. You said you don't do cards very often but hon you have such a talent for it I hope you continue to create and share your artistry with us! *Hugs* Alicia

  4. What a precious precious card!!!! LOVE IT!!!!


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