Thursday, September 16, 2010

Mini Chubby Album

My youngest daughter loves to take pictures of her and her friends.  She puts them on Facebook, prints them and puts them everywhere!!  So, to help her with her passion, I made her a mini album to help record her junior year in high school.  She's got a busy year, involved in a lot of activities, and she takes pictures at everything. 

It's a mini album, but I guess I fed it too much and now it's a chubby, mini album.  I also now know why most folks use an alternate way to bind them rather than their Bind-It-All.  They have a way of becoming a living organism and taking on a life of their own.  Each page is a mat for photos and journaling, then it is also a pocket to hold additional tags to add photos -- and of course, more journaling.

Now, that I've got it finished for her, I have to take her to have the thousand of photos she wants printed.  Maybe this is really all my fault.  Well, I'm Mom - and it usually is. . .

I created several svg files in making various parts of the mini album.  I'll try to get those posted this weekend, just in case anyone is interested in those. 


  1. Oh Gloria... I love love it...Absoutley beautiful

  2. That is an absolutely wonderful, beautiful and stunning album you made for your girl, Gloria! She's going to LOVE it, no doubt! The pictures she'll put inside are just going to enhance the beauty of your album! Have a great weekend, Ira

  3. This is a beautiful treasure. She will LOVE it!!!

  4. this is so pretty Gloria, she will love it and yes they do keep on growing and getting thicker day by day.
    love it

  5. OH MY GOOOOOOODDDDNNNNNESSSSSS GLORIA.....This is FANTASTICALLY GORGEOUS BEYOND MEASURE!!! Can you HEAR me...I'm SHOUTING!!! I LOVE LOVE LOVE all this detail.......unbelievable....WOWZERS ma'am!!!!! Your daughter is one lucky gal!!!!!!

  6. Wow Gloria...this is so pretty...I know your daughter loved this....

  7. Wow! All the time you put into this, she had better be one happy darling, I know I would be if I received this :)

  8. This is gorgeous, Gloria! Well done! One day I will make a mini album... How are things in the Lil Cabin these days?



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