Saturday, January 23, 2010

3D Valentine Card - A Challenge from a Friend

It has been a busy Saturday -- seems everyday is getting to be that way!  But -- I did have time to work on a card that was actually a challenge from a coworker.  She took a class to make a card similar to the one I am showing here.  I told her I could make it without taking the class and she's giving til Monday to get it done.  I figured as long as I was accepting the challenge I could make it useful and turn it into a Valentine's Day card.  So -- I have no idea what kind of card it is, but it folds flat, then opens up into a 3 sided box.  The original card I was shown didn't have a ribbon that actually wrapped and closed, but I added one along with a soda can top that I colored using Tim Holtz Alcohol Ink.  The ribbon is glued down on one end and the other end is free to slide through the can top.  I don't really like the way the card stands up when it is open, but it stood open good enough for me to get a picture of it. 

On the inside of the card, I used one of Paulo's beautiful svg files. Thank you Paulo!! It is the heartofheart element found on his blog.  On the left side of the card I used the cut file, both the base and top layers - and on the right side I used only the negative of the top layer cut.  I used contact paper over the cut pieces left on my cricut mat, then used my spatula to help lift them off.  Some of them did move but the majority of them stayed put. 

I made the simple I Love You in Inkscape and then pulled it into SCAL to cut.  The font was a little thin, so I used outset in Inkscape to fatten it up just a little without losing the form of the font.

If you know the actual name of this type of card, please let me know.  And Linda -- if you happen to stop by this weekend -- I did it!!! And I still have tomorrow to get the one with the bird done for you.  Girl, you should know better than to issue a challenge to me!  You know I always strive to win!


  1. SWEET CARD!!! Thanks for sharing it!

  2. Gloria...this turned out AWESOME ma'am!!!! FANTASTIC JOB!!!!!!!

  3. Gloria,
    Wonderful Gorgeous Magnificent Amazing Beautiful...Card.
    You are a very talented artist!...Congratulations!
    Love it....a very classy card. Tx many thx for sharing.
    Pls keep your great art work coming. I'm sure all of us will love to see your creations.

  4. Great card! What does it look like when its not standing up? Is it an explosion box format but only one sheet? I'm having a hard time imagining the shape before it folds down into the card. Thanks :-)
    love hugs and prayers


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