Friday, January 15, 2010

Welcome to the Cabin!

Come in, wipe off your feet, and get a cup of coffee! There's always coffee in the lil cabin in the woods. It is here you can forget all about the issues of the day and let yourself relax. That's what I do here, in the cabin. The possibilities are endless when we let ourselves relax and create. In the cabin, you might find me studying a scripture passage, reading a book, or creating something from paper. Whatever you find, it will be stress free and peaceful. Stay with me and enjoy the moments!

The words I have on the wall on the creating side of the cabin are a quote from Emily Dickinson, "dwell in possibility". Just those words provide inspiration to allowing ourselves to live without the limits that can stifle our creativity. Life today can be so hectic and pressing that we stop enjoying time with ourselves, with our family, and most importantly, with our Creator. As we learn to dwell in possibilities, we can once again connect and remember the reasons we have been placed here in this world and learn to enjoy those reasons again.

Thank you for stopping by! Come again and we'll take you on a tour of the lil cabin in the woods, but remember, once you've stopped by, you'll definitely want to come again! Blessings to you and to yours in Christ.


  1. Gloria your cabin is wonderful. I envy you this cabin. How very lucky you are!! Oh BTW the svg's are great too.

  2. What a lovely lil cabin! And love your scrapcubes too! I must get some. TFS

  3. Hi Gloria! Oh I love your cabin! I want one too!

  4. Beautifull cabin, dreaming of one myself. I was finally able to get your Gerber Daisy thanks so much you are so talented.

  5. Your craft space is perfect! I love the organization!


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