Friday, August 13, 2010

It's all in a Name - Part 2

It's always been amazing to me when I realize that my children are really paying attention.  My oldest daughter, Jessi, is very talented and artistic, but she's never really asked me to show her how to use my Cricut and SCAL.  Not that it is difficult, but you would think she would need some guidance along the way.  But, she really surprised me this week.  She was babysitting for a young girl that had seen a wordbook that I had made for Jessi after her high school graduation.  The little girl wanted a wordbook of her name so my daughter chose the font they wanted and asked me to cut the board for the letters the night before the little girl came.  There's so little talent handed down from generation to generation these days that I was happy to oblige.  Other than the name, Emily, the only special request was that it include a peace sign at the end of the name.  SCAL made that really easy as one is included in the shapes library. 

I headed off to work the next morning and just made a couple of notes for Jessi.  Things like - the file was saved is here, don't forget you need to cut paper for the front and back side of the letter, and you'll need to use the program Sure Cuts a Lot on my computer to cut your paper.  She'd never used it before and I wasn't even sure she knew the name of the program.

Was I amazed when I arrived home to find the book was complete and turned out so very pretty!  The little girl wanted the book to be done in black, pink, and silver.  So, that's what they did -- and they did it all without me!  When I asked my daughter how she knew what to do, she just said, "Mom, I've watched you do it before, why wouldn't I know how to do it?"  She's precious!  The only thing I wish they had done differently, was take more pictures.  They only took one, so I hope you enjoy it. 

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