Sunday, August 8, 2010

It's all in a Name!

I have been working on a wordbook for a friend's daughter that recently graduated from the 5th grade.  She's heading off to middle school in two weeks and her mom wanted to give her this book before class begins. 

When I first made the book, I only did one page for each letter, but my friend kept finding pictures she wanted to include, so I opened the binder ring and added 1 additional page per letter, then reclosed the binder ring.  I was a bit worried about changing the shape of the ring, but it turned out just fine.

I'm delivering the book to my friend on Monday, so I wanted to get the photos loaded tonight.  I hope that her family enjoys the book, especially Alexis.  She's a precious little girl and I am blessed to know her and her mom!


  1. I absolutely LOVE this book!!!!! It is so pretty and girlie!!! She is going to LOVE it!!! I also LOVE LOVE the look of our bright and cheery!!!!!!

  2. Love Love the word book... It is wonderful... I really love your new blog look as well....

  3. Wow..this is gorgeous. I love the colors and everything about this book. She will love it.
    Love your blog also.


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